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Feb 23rd, 2011 | By | Category: Internet, Internet Marketing

At UKViews we provide an online service where individuals can operate a local community website both easily and economically without incurring the high cost and steep learning curve of building, setting up and running a website.

This way they can put all their efforts into generating income without all the other associated hassle and expense.

Local residents can post various content about local issues and the agents can also upload content including paid adverts for businesses and services.

The Agent will in time build up a trusted network of local individuals and businesses that will use the website to post information that they wish to be publicized in a specific area. By including regular content of local interest such as News Events and services information the readership of the site increases along with the revenue from advertising.

As the agent progresses they learn more about Internet Marketing and can offer their services to their network of local businesses to help them grow their own businesses on-line.

Ukviews supports the agent throughout from providing and maintaining the website to supplying any necessary artwork for flyers, cards etc. we also give ongoing advice and support via our Newsletter regarding the setting up and marketing of their business.

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