Happiness is in the Mind – 7 Secrets to uncover the Happy Habit

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Happiness is in the Mind – 7 Secrets to uncover the Happy Habit

Being happy is a state of mind. If you make up your mind to always be happy you will live a more enriched life. But how do you remain in a state of happiness? Here are 7 steps to obtain the happy habit.

1. Smile.

Some people say it takes less effort to smile than to frown. In other words it is much easy to smile. Smile at every occasion. When someone says hello to you say hello back with a big smile. Of course the smile has to be genuine. You will feel better and you will make the other person feel better about themselves.

2. Be grateful for what you already have.

They say be grateful and thankful for what we have in our lives, and that is so true. Think about all the good things in your life know. Your family, friends life itself. Remind yourself of this everyday.

3. Avoid negative people.

Avoid people with only negative things to say about life. If you talk to them and join in their conversations they will bring you down to their level and you will become one of them, a negative thinker. Associate yourself with happy, positive people and you will feel better for it.

4. Love makes the world go round.

Show you feelings and affections to people you come in contact with. Express your love and friendship at every opportunity.

5. Feel alive – get out and about.

Take regular exercise, even if it is just going for a walk. The fresh air will make you feel alive and you will feel better for it.

6. Make other people happy – pay them a compliment.

If you make other people feel good about themselves you in turn will feel good about yourself. If your wife/husband buys a new outfit say how great they look. If your work colleagues do a good job on a project, tell them. If a sales person gives you good service make a point of telling them you were impressed. Pay compliments at every opportunity and do it with a smile. You will walk away knowing you will have made them feel better about themselves.

7. Laugh.

They say laughter is the best medicine. Watch your favourite comedy film or comedian and laugh as loud as you like. You will feel better for the experience.

Make a decision now to become a happy person. We all have choices in our life and they are down to your thinking. To be happy is quite simple – just make up your mind to be.

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