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Aug 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Internet, Internet Marketing is a network of Local Community Websites run by local people.

There are many advantages in having a Local website operated locally rather than by someone totally unconnected with the Town and its local community.

The Human Touch:

One major problem with the internet is the lack of “The Human Touch”, by running your own Community Website you can give a Face and a Personality to the site, something that is sadly lacking on all but a few Websites and a recipe for success in a faceless age.

Geo Location:

Local Community Websites are great for Local Business search as they have so much content related to a certain area.
Google records this content and then returns it in the Search Engine Results Pages for your Locality using a process known as Geo Targeting.

Using GEO Location technology helps Google give better search results based on both the users location and the Businesses Geographical location
this in turn makes for more profits for Google (as if they need it, but then it helps us as well!).

Social Networking:

By integrating with Facebook and other Social Networking sites a Local Community website will increase its own Network very quickly particularly if you already have a lot of friends on your Social Network.

Get your message out there:

A local website gives residents the chance to get their views published locally where other residents can join in the discussion.

Local Events:

You can notify local events on the UKviews website for your town, although you give the notification free it gives you the opportunity to place relevant paid ads on the same page which is a good source of revenue.

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